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Interview With the President of Prevent Child Abuse America [Podcast]


For Child Abuse Prevention Month, the podcast Mom Enough (created by Dr. Marti Erickson and her daughter Erin Erickson to explore motherhood and the roles, challenges, and joys of mothers in today’s society) interviewed Jim Hmurovich, president of Prevent Child Abuse America.

In this rich, informative interview, Hmurovich and Erickson discuss…

  • What to do when you see a parent mistreating a child (and why “breaking the moment” is crucial)
  • Why child-abuse awareness needs to be a focus
  • The belief that prevention is possible
  • How recent tragedies, such as Sandy Hook, are a wake-up call for our society
  • What we can do to prevent child abuse

The 20-minute interview can be heard here.


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