Do Something You Love in the New Year

Survivors of emotional child abuse who awaken to the reality of their past often talk about “finding out who I really am” and “becoming who I was meant to become.” It’s in that spirit, that I urge survivors of emotional child abuse to come up with a resolution this year to do something (healthy and legal, of course) that will make you happy—even if there’s no practical application to it.

Loved to draw as a child but were told you were awful? Ignore the voices of the past. Be the voice of the present... and draw!

Longed to go back to college and get your degree in anthropology or Russian literature? Find a way to do it.

Want to help train dogs for the blind? Make it so.

Have always wanted to collect seashells and create art with them? Do it.

Amid all the resolutions people make of what not to do or what they need to do, we should take some time to do something fun and sweet, something that makes our hearts happy.

Give yourself permission, in this new year (and beyond), to find something from your children that still delights you—or take an idea from your “someday” list—and do it this year.

Feel free to share some ideas of what you will be doing this year in the combox. Your idea may inspire another person!

2 thoughts on “Do Something You Love in the New Year

  1. I just found this site late last year and have been continually amazed at how ‘in my head’ the writers are! I would probably be much further in my healing if I’d had this resource years ago, but I won’t dwell on that – I’d rather celebrate that I have it now! This year I’ve committed to continuing my pursuit of a university degree (I’m taking Spanish and Accounting), and I plan to finally make the move to a warm Spanish speaking country that I’ve been dreaming about for 30 years!


  2. seems so simple. making my needs a priority is something I have always struggled with. Breaking years of dysfunctional patterns. but I’m hoping the more times I read things like this, the more I hear those words, that it will eventually sink it. Thank you for writing this. the more reminders the better.


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