A Hearty Thank You From ACoN Study Researchers



Editor’s note: I received the following update from researcher Valerie Coles and wanted to share it with Invisible Scar readers!

From Valerie Coles:


First, thank you for your help in featuring, distributing, and/or participating in our study!  We are truly amazed and humbled at how many ACONs took our survey.  We had 978 respondents from at least 32 countries, 16 websites that we personally contacted participate, and then many more websites that you and your readers, our respondents, forwarded the survey to.  Never in our wildest imagination did we think that so many ACONs would step up and help us out.

We are examining our findings over the next six weeks and when we have a summary of the results then.  As I mentioned in previous emails, I will be sending this summary out to all the known websites that participated as well as to any individuals who requested a summary.

(We did close data collection on February 27. However, we will have a smaller study soon available to those who did not participate the first time. Anyone interested may email me at vcoles@uga.edu.)

Meanwhile, we did the drawing today for the ten $100 gift cards.  Anyone who entered their email address at the end of the survey was eligible for the drawing.  There were 711 emails in the drawing! The ten winners were contacted today via email to get their full name/address so we can mail the gift cards to them.

At the start of the study we had agreed not to publicize their names (as ACONs may not want narcissistic family members to know that they are part of an ACON site) but, of course, if one of the winners is part of your site, we hope that person will let the rest of the group know s/he was a recipient.

Again, we truly appreciate your help and we hope through this study that we can create a short useful questionnaire for people to use to help identify narcissistic parents. The success of this study would not have been possible without you.

I look forward to emailing you again in several weeks with the summary. Thank you again!

Valerie Berenice Coles, MA
PhD Student, Research Project Manager
Graduate Assistant to Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Student Ambassadors Program
University of Georgia
Department of Communication Studies
Caldwell Hall

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  1. Oh no! I forgot to participate! I wanted to, but I guess I got lost trying to figure out if my mom was actually a narcissist and forgot to come back. Anyway, my experience is quite nuanced, I feel, so I just want to put it out there that you can always contact me if you need info or volunteers for another survey. I would love to see my contribution help people better understand what some children go through and maybe even help parents nip potentially damaging behaviors in the bud. Thanks!

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