From the Editor’s Mailbox | Signs of Emotional Abuse, Links, and Parental Alienation

I tackled my mailbox this morning and saw several repeated questions, so I thought I'd share the answers in a post. Here are the most recent questions from various folks. How do I know if I'm being used? Am I being abused? I get a lot of mail from folks sharing their personal stories and... Continue Reading →

How to Read an Online Article About Narcissism

This morning, I read an online article about narcissism yet decided not to share it for two very important reasons: 1. The information within the article was incorrect. 2. No research was cited at all. Despite those two facts, the article was heavily shared on social networks. The current trend is to call anything like self-esteem... Continue Reading →

Ask the Therapist: Steven Stosny on Fading Negative Voices, Recognizing the Emotional Abuse, and Getting on the Path to Recovery

At The Invisible Scar, we've recently received questions that made us seek out the advice of a mental healthcare professional to answer them. Because this site is run by a layperson, I turned to Steven Stosny, Ph. D, for a brief but informative interview. Stosny is the founder of CompassionPower in suburban Washington, DC. His most... Continue Reading →

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