The Invisible Scar

raising awareness of emotional child abuse, its effects on adult survivors & the power of words on children

For Therapists

Are you a mental healthcare professional? Do you specialize in emotional child abuse, its effects on adult survivors, or the power of words? Then The Invisible Scar would like to talk with you.

At The Invisible Scar, we’re not a professional advice forum; we’re just the folks who start the conversation regarding emotional child abuse and encourage folks to seek professional advice.

However, we often receive questions in the combox or in our mail bag that are better-suited to therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists than they are to laymen like ourselves. So, if you are a mental healthcare professional, we’d like to either do a short interview with you or receive a guest blog post on a topic.

At this time, we are unable to pay for interviews or guest articles, but we will provide a link to your website, publication, and a brief bio in the post.


2 thoughts on “For Therapists

  1. As an adult survivor of emotional child abuse, I related to several of these articles. I am LC in fact, very close to NC with my mother yet still feel some guilt around that. However, I do know it’s the best decision.
    As a Certified Health Coach, I frequently discover past abuse has been common among many of my clients. I can relate in my thoughts which is very helpful when it comes to understanding where they are coming from.
    The articles are well written. Thank you.


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