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Please do not republish my work as your own or copy an entire blog post.  

If you do want to share something written on this page (such as for a blog, research paper, newspaper article, etc.), you can either:

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  • Use these guidelines to curate the content.

When quoting The Invisible Scar, you must make sure it’s a quote, meaning put the words in quotation marks, cite the fact that the material comes from The Invisible Scar, and provide a link to this website.

Here’s an example:

“You will not find personal stories from The Invisible Scar’s managing editor. However, you will find open, heart-felt stories from our readers… Look for them in the comments sections.” (The Invisible Scar, “Aboutpage)

You can see an example of how we cited resources in this article for The Invisible Scar.

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