Support This Site

As The Invisible Scar grows in popularity, I often get asked whether I accept donations. Right now, the answer is nope. I do not have a donation button on this site because:

  • The Invisible Scar isn’t technically a nonprofit organization—nor a for-profit one. (It is, at its core, a personal blog that raises awareness on an important issue.)
  • PayPal only allows “Donate” buttons for registered nonprofits.
  • The legalities of the tax world and the word “donate” baffle me.
  • I don’t want readers to feel like I’m asking for money from them for nothing.

How You Can Support This Site

Writing for The Invisible Scar has definitely taken time away from my freelance work, however. So, if you would like to support this author’s endeavors, you can buy my current e-book. (More e-books are in the works.)

You can also support this site by:

  • Sharing articles here on your social networks
  • Participating in the conversations in the comments. (Kindly and honestly reaching out to other readers is a beautiful gift to all of us.)
  • Praying for the site’s author and readers
  • Emailing me to say hello. (That sounds goofy, but it’s always sweet to receive emails from readers who let me know that The Invisible Scar has helped them in some way.)

Onward and upward.