From the Editor | Your Real Identity, a Comment About Comments, and a Thank You

I’ve a little memo pad with scribbled replies to some emails that I hoped would form one cohesive email.

They haven’t.

So, here’s a hodge podge of a blog post addressing a few concerns and comments from The Invisible Scar mailbox.

  • Please double-check your identity before you comment.
    I’ve been getting a lot of email from folks who have posted a comment then realized that they’ve used their real name when they would’ve preferred to be anonymous. Please make sure you’re using the name you want. If you have made a mistake, do drop me a line, but please know that I only check The Invisible Scar mailbox once every week, so I won’t get to your email as quickly as you’d probably like me to. I’d hate for you to stress about your name being public!
  • Comments may take a while to appear.
    As I said above, I only check my combox about once a week, and that’s when I moderate comments.
  • What about the children?
    Several folks have asked about raising children when one has been emotionally abused as a child. I’ve an interview lined up with a psychologist later this month to get answers to those questions. (I’m a layperson with a bent towards research but am not a professional therapist or a psychologist. What I share on The Invisible Scar is just my take on findings, so please do seek the support of a professional counselor.)
  • Thanks for the show of support.
    I deeply appreciate the kind comments regarding support for The Invisible Scar site. Though the reasons for the existence of such a site is not a happy one (it’s a tragedy that emotional child abuse exists), I’m glad to see that people are finding themselves not quite so alone as they thought.
  • Always remember that you are not alone.¬†You’re a child of God. You matter. You are loved.