How to Handle Your Critical Inner Voice: An Interview with Psychologist Lisa Firestone

At The Invisible Scar, we've received myriad emails and comments regarding how to deal with one's harsh inner voice, which hounds adult survivors of emotional child abuse. To answer questions from readers, we turned to Dr. Lisa Firestone for her professional insight. Lisa works as the director of Research and Education at The Glendon Association... Continue Reading →

Ask the Therapist: Steven Stosny on Fading Negative Voices, Recognizing the Emotional Abuse, and Getting on the Path to Recovery

At The Invisible Scar, we've recently received questions that made us seek out the advice of a mental healthcare professional to answer them. Because this site is run by a layperson, I turned to┬áSteven Stosny, Ph. D, for a brief but informative interview. Stosny is the founder of CompassionPower in suburban Washington, DC. His most... Continue Reading →

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