Suicide: When Your Sorrow Feels Too Dark

In memory of SKB Sometimes, adult survivors of emotional child abuse feel a deepening sadness that grows heavier and heavier with time. The burden of it can feel too much to carry... and they may think about suicide. So, we need to talk about suicide... and to discuss it with compassion and without judgment. Let's... Continue Reading →

Surviving Emotional Child Abuse: You Are So Much Stronger Than You Think You Are

You have made your way to this website about emotional child abuse. Despite all the naysayers and flying monkeys wanting you to remain in the same swampland you've lived by forever, you're here. You've chopped through the choking entanglements around you. You've navigated through the dense darkness of denial. And now, taking a breath in... Continue Reading →

17 Excuses People Give to Avoid Going to Talk Therapy (and Why They Should Really Rethink Them)

If you've been reading the Invisible Scar articles for some time, you know that we are proponents of therapy. We don't espouse a specific psychological approach nor do we care whether you choose a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor. We do care about Invisible Scar readers, though, and so we repeat (often) the phrase please... Continue Reading →

How Keeping a Journal Helps Your Mental Health & Emotional Healing

Your mind is full of thoughts, ideas, and memories that long to be shared. But you're not sure just how much to share with your friends, how fleeting those thoughts are, whether you feel comfortable enough putting them in the mind of someone else. Consider then regularly keeping a journal. “In particular, journaling can be... Continue Reading →

Three Must-Read Posts for Mother’s Day If You’re an Adult Survivor of Emotional Child Abuse

Advertisements on TV and the radio go over the top in portraying all mothers as idealized heroic women who did absolutely every single thing right. Motherhood, however, is far more complex and grittier than those bleached versions of it. It's a vocation that, when approached right, requires maternal sacrifice, encourages a selfless love from the... Continue Reading →

Questions From the Mailbox: Allegedly Ruining Your Future, Deciding to Blog, and Wondering Whether to Tell Your Abusive Parents How You Feel

Editor’s Note: The Invisible Scar does not offer professional advice, only opinion. The Invisible Scar receives many emails every month. Some have questions or comments best shared with our readers in this “From the Editor’s Mailbox” column. Though our main advice is for the reader to seek therapy from a professional, we also invite helpful... Continue Reading →

Emotionally Neglected Children May Feel Like They Are Ghosts

“Emotional Neglect is the white space in the family picture; the background rather than the foreground. It is insidious and overlooked while it does its silent damage to people’s lives.” (Dr. Jonice Webb) Editor's note: I use "he" because "he or she" can interrupt the flow of sentences. But abuse can happen to any gender.... Continue Reading →

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